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A Transformative Technology
Company of CBD

Upaya® is a transformative technology company dedicated to the production of high-quality cannabinoid products. Its customers know that when they choose Upaya, they are getting quality every time.

With proprietary formulations and processes work and its in-house supply chain and chain of custody platforms provide reassurance of that. It is Upaya's intention to create a new way to approach healthcare based on natural preventive medicines backed by scientific and technological evidence, and eventually including clinical trials. For those who suffer severe conditions, Upaya’s vision is to provide remedies that will assist individuals to live more vibrant and fulfilled lives. Upaya® believes that plant medicine, combined with a comprehensive wellness approach of eating healthy, exercise, meditation and consciousness practices, will assist individuals increase their wellbeing by living healthy, happy, and active lives free of fear, anxiety, and other current day challenges.

Upaya® enters the CBD market with a high-quality product formulated in a proprietary manner that retains all the natural nutritional and efficacious ingredients of the cannabis plant, Its entry in the market is highlighted by its proprietary technology called The Genesis Engine which delivers a product more potent than most products on the market using organic extraction methods and water as a natural solvent. The process allows the full medicinal properties of the hemp plant to be retained into a highly concentrated, bioavailable, liquid form.


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